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Eliezer Sandoval

Natalie Sandoval 

English Ministry PastoRS

Our House of Prayer CDO Church Pastors Eliezer & Natalie Sandoval have embraced the commitment to serve the community and all who cross paths in there continued walk with the Lord. This calling was confirmed to our pastors during an encounter retreat with God and has been one that covers all age groups, races and cultural backgrounds with a determined mission of creating spaces, that not only look and feel different, but ultimately make the difference in the lives of all who enter the doors of House of Prayer. Pastor Eliezer & Natalie Sandoval were both born and raised here in the beautiful city of San Diego, California and have three wonderful children. This family loves the water, sports, and many outdoor activities that they are able to enjoy within their own community. Pastor Eliezer Sandoval, being born and raised, with two sisters in a Christian home to parents who were missionary pastors in Caborca, Mexico, has understood how much the prayers of his parents have caught up to him now, as he serves the church and community with a divine purpose of being an extension of Gods work in the salvation and discipleship process of Gods kingdom here on earth.

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