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 Luis Manrique

 Crystal Manrique 

Young Adult Pastors 

Our Terra Nova Founders. After several years of giving their life to Jesus, working with youth, families and serving their local Church, CDO Church in San Diego, Luis and Crystal have answered the call of God to establish Terra Nova, a young adult ministry that exists to build a bridge between Jesus, people and their purpose. Their passion to see God’s will fulfilled in people’s lives is their greatest Vision.

Luis has a great love for ministry and his desire is to serve with his heart and soul to reach those who feel far from God and seek a place to call home. At the age of 26, he is a great leader to many and one of his greatest passions is to preach the Gospel in creative ways to capture the attention of those who have not yet been touched, delivered and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Apart from the wonderful work that is done in ministry, Luis is a person who enjoys spending quality time with his family, in Southern California. He also is someone who consistently sees the best in everyone.

Crystal is the daughter of Pastors Jorge and Ramona Garcia from CDO Church. She has a Degree in Child Development and is currently a student at Point Loma Nazarene University, pursuing a higher education. Her passion is to fulfill Gods purposes in her life by outpouring her love and compassion for the community she is a part of. She dreams of creating a space where kids can know about Jesus and be who they were created to be. Along her husband, Luis and their two children they continuously carry on the leadership role for all those who have accepted Terra Nova’s mission. She enjoys spending time with her young children, baking goodies, online shopping and when she has free time DIY projects!

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